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Analyst: Portfolio manager

"The Analyst" will record all buy and sell transactions, dividends and scrips, as well as cash account credits and debits in the Portfolio Manager. Enter the information in any order and let the system sort it out. All details are retained for future viewing, amending or printing.

You can create as many portfolios as you need, each holding any number of shares, and there is no limit to the number of transactions the program will store.

Display a share group as a simple listing versus price, or expand it instantly into a full Portfolio Valuation. Portfolio Valuations are constantly updated as new data is received, so whenever you look at a portfolio you know it is right up to date.

You can use the portfolio module to track any type of investment and all of the "what", "when", "how much" and "how many" details will be saved along with dealing costs and income. The cash account is available for inspection at any time.

Portfolio Charting

Charting functions within the Analyst portfolio manager allow you to chart the value of your investments over time. Drag the FTSE index into this chart to get an instant comparison between your portfolio's performance and the index.

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