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Analyst version 6.0 : Support index

To purchase the support contract and receive an upgrade of the Analyst program by CD, including a complete set of up-to-date price archives, call us on (44) (0)7925 979484 or order online. Alternatively, spread the cost and reduce the price, by using the standing order mandate .

General modules

User-defined end gap for charts
Point & figure charts (log and linear displays) Select analysis curve and colour together
Unit trusts and OEICS Chart annotation - text on charts
Default chart settings
. New chart pop-up menu
Scanner High-low-close bar display
Price scanner - Scan+ Fixed price channels added to moving average curve
Peak & trough search Candlesticks with all shares in logrithmic and linear formats
Top & bottom price 'island' scan Coppock, volatility and ADX indicator
Top & bottom price 'key' scan .
High & low scans Data
. High-low-close prices for all shares
Display Direct browsing, just type in the name to find the share
Multiple desktops .
. Portfolios
Updating Company notes
Automatic e-mail updating Copy shares and associated transactions
Retrospective updating Stoploss
Web-based updating User defined portfolio and list displays
Error correction Export cash accounts / transaction details
Global split, splice and error correction Long company names
New error checking of prices and names Rename portfolios and pagelists
. .

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